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My name is Orphee Kashala and I have an eye for talent. 

I have seen too many creatively gifted  individuals give up on their talent because they did not have the right people around them to ignite their creative fuel. That is why I created Logic&Gut. I want to see talented artists thrive. ​I am a creative producer who's artistic expression transpires through the fine-tuned creativity showcased by the artists I work with. 


I am a 25 years old Art Curator and Creative producer based in Birmingham. Over the past three years I have worked on various creative projects predominantly in the fine art sector as a curator and organiser including on programmes with the Herbert art gallery and Ort Gallery. More recently I have commenced my emergence as a film and theatre producer.

My curatorial practice uses an interdisciplinary methodology with an emphasis on film as an inclusive medium. I have curated and co-curated art exhibitions including “Survivor’s guilt” (2021), “Vermillion coloured stories” (2022) and “Epiphany temporaire” (2023).

From June 2021 to June 2022, I worked as assistant producer, project manager, marketing lead and production administrator for “Pocket-sized revolution” a touring solo theatre show, funded by The Birmingham Rep sir Barry Jackson fund.

I am currently developing “Logic and Gut”, a Creative Intellectual Property development and Production company.

Contact me today to see what I can offer you!

"A creative work is only complete after perception and interpretation"


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