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Gabriele Gvozdaite

 Podcaster | 🇬🇧

Gabriele is a podcaster based in Manchester, U.K. She is the creative genius behind the “Dreams money can’t buy” podcast.  Which aims to be a safe place to discuss with transparency relevant issues and topics that we all face on our journey to greatness. A place to share, learn and grow.
“Growing up in a working class background and going to school and being surrounded by different people with different ideas and talents I always saw potential, but I believe many people/kids don’t see potential in themselves and often in working class backgrounds the only opportunities we’re presented with is education and that doesn’t align with everyone’s talents and visions and ultimately many fall victim to this narrative of life which is just surrounded with working and making money” ~ Gabriele
Got questions or want to work with Gabriele ? See her work and get in touch with her today!

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