About Logic&Gut

A quest for balance

Trust logic or your gut ?

Everyday billions of people on the planet are facing the same conflicting question. Whether to trust one's gut feel or to relay on logic.

At logic and gut we believe the answer to this question is in finding balance. Finding balance is the answer to everything! Balance is equality, balance is stability, balance is harmony.  

How to find balance ?

The same way you would if you were walking a high wire or climbing a tree; with two hands rather than one. At logic and gut you will find the designer, producer, painter, model, dancer or influencer that you need to help you climb the ladder.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships." ~ Michael Jordan.

Join logic and gut and you will find your team. This is the platform where creative people find the missing piece to their crew, the piece that will bring balance, the piece that will bring success.